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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Comments Please

I very nearly had a major technical problem with the blog yesterday.   To sort out my Facebook identity I had to start running a different, additional, browser so I set up Chrome, while playing with it I have started another Blog as well, one to show off some pictures of my work, something I can refer potential clients to, so they can see the sort of things I can do.   All very worthy and at least slightly productive.   In the process I came across the various options for comments.   Ah ha I thought I can set up for anyone to comment, and a good friend has been complaining that she can't comment on Paula's Place without a Google account, so I changed the setting here as well.

All very well until I found that changing the settings away from Google+ meant that I lost all comments since May 2013!   Since for me your comments are an important part of this Place that counted as a disaster.   By linking back into G+ I have retrieved all those comments, but I have still not solved the problem of how I can let my friend comment.

If you know about these things and can help please let me know, ~ and any gender stereotyping about girls not being able to handle tech will be sat on, however true they may be in my case.   And why does Blogger work even slower in Chrome than in IE? I'm getting confused, think I'll just g and sit down with a cup of tea.

And by the way the new Blog can be found at
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