Paula's Place

Paula's Place

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Her Majesty Paula

With only a few weeks to the concert Sunday was the first time that the LGSO had pretty much the full wind section present for a rehearsal.   We are playing the Britten Variations on a theme by Purcell, better known as the "Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra".   The opening themes and the first few variations are quite magisterial, and choral in character, to try and inspire the sound that the conductor wanted he suggested we build the sound from the bottom up, from the basses.   When it came to the brass variation he suggested that we build on the "majesty that is Paula"! I think he was referring to the bass trombone sound rather than my presentation, but none the less it certainly felt like promotion.

I think I could quite enjoy the title but it does sit a little strangely on a good republican like me;~ note for the Americans in the UK a Republican is not a political conservative but an extremist who wants to get rid of the monarchy, as a general principle not many people take us too seriously, and most of us accept that it is simply not going to happen.   On the other hand very few of us would want to resort to violence like some of our more illustrious predecessors.

I'm definitely looking forward to this next concert, it is so liberating to be able to go out and perform as Paula, as myself.   I find that now I have more opportunity to dress it feels more and more as though Paula is normal and the male me is the act.   Still no precipitative decisions just yet, not until I have had a chance to get used to our new family arrangements and whatever my financial situation may be.
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