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Monday, 30 September 2013

Realy! In this Day and Age?

Yesterday afternoon I was playing in a concert with a "civilian" concert band, they only know "him", during the interval we are chatting and I observed that I had to dash off quickly after the concert as I had an orchestra rehearsal that evening, when asked which orchestra I told them, and just as I was saying the London Gay Symphony Orchestra the whole room went quiet.   Now they all know that I'm not gay so a couple of eyebrows were raised, but what did surprise me was the number of rather tasteless jokes, mostly based on the idea that all gay people are promiscuous sex fixated men.   I was surprised and just a little disappointed that even in this day and age there are still people who find these attitudes acceptable.   I have wondered why such an orchestra was needed in 2013, I think these comments showed me one of the reasons.   I wonder what those same people will think if I ever do come fully out?   Will they refuse to sit next to me in case it's catching?

It was quite a relieve to then be with the guys and girls of the LGSO who are all very friendly and accepting.   Some a becoming friends, so that now when I have a theological discussion on human sexuality (as I did this afternoon with one of my customers) I really can say "Some of my best friends are gay" although in no one case would I say that that was their defining characteristic.

Interestingly I have had very few comments about my ear studs, apart from an assumption that it is just a mid life rebellion.   I have more or less decided that if any one does ask why I've had them done I will tell them it's because there is a much better selection of earrings for pierced ears.
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