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Paula's Place

Monday, 14 October 2013

Another Grey Day

There may be as many as 50 shades of grey, but the sky here is displaying mostly the darker ones.   I woke up this morning, looked out he window and decided to go back to bed, although not actually raining it is damp and miserable, and my self starter has totally failed.   I did eventually manage to get up and have started on a few chores, but to be honest my heart is just not in this morning.   So here I am at nearly one O'clock in the afternoon, still in my nighty and dressing gown with a cup of coffee and the laptop keeping me warm.

I think part of my down is due to a busy Paula weekend, I have already said a bit about Saturday night, as the group has now set up a Fakebook group I have now got a presence there as Paula Gee, if you are a user I will be posting occasionally I already have found around 20 friends, people I actually know and bloggers and on-line friends.   It will be interesting to see which of my identities is most used / popular.   Since that involved installing a different browser as well as all the rest of the set up I managed to waste a good bit of the morning yesterday setting the whole thing up, leaving just enough time to get up to town for the LGSO rehearsal for next Sunday's concert.

The Britten Young Persons Guide has a narration with it, and our narrator for this concert is Petroc Trelawny, many of us who listen to Radio 3 will be familiar with his dulcet tones, and will have seen him introducing some of the Proms on TV, I can say that in person he is just as, or maybe even more, dishy. tall, slim, clean cut, and quite charming.   And yes Petroc the beard does work.   So there you are yet another reason to come to the concert.

After the rehearsal we made our usual visit to the neighbouring pub, feeling rather tired I was not quite my usual sociable self, but I did get into conversation with a couple of civilian sister there, who admired my bracelet we then went on to discuss the merits and problems with costume jewellery in general.   This was fun, but it ended up being another late night.

Now it is definitely time to go and get dressed and get on with something useful, but no I'm not going to clean behind the fridge.
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