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Paula's Place

Monday, 7 October 2013

All Welcome

At last nights rehearsal it was revealed that ticket sales for the next LGSO concert are not going well, so get over to this site and grab your tickets.   It will be a very good concert, and as an added incentive for some of my readers it is also a "safe" opportunity to go out.   By the very nature of the orchestra both we and our audience are open minded and accepting, so go on have yourself a night out.

After the rehearsal many of us are in the habit of popping into a local hostelry for a small libation, this des mean spending a couple of hours in a pub, surrounded by men, but somehow I put up with it, I did manage to show a little restraint and get home before the witching hour, and got to bed in sensible time.   I removed my rings etc. and cleaned off my makeup, but for some reason decided to leave my forms on (I had applied a little craft glue to keep them in place).   It was rather odd, and rather nice, to wake up this morning in my nice black satin nightie, with my boobs in place and feeling very natural, still with nail polish on and for some reason my watch and a bracelet, but with all my make up and other jewellery off.

What I would like now is a day off to just relax and enjoy being me, instead it's back to work, and firstjoba  visit to the builders merchant s I think I had better get rid of the nail polish as well.
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