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Monday, 7 October 2013

An Endagered Species?

Inspired by the "Femulator" photo on Stana's Femulate page today, I wondered, where have all the female impersonators gone.   I grew up during a period when Danny La Rue was a main stream major star.   Around the world there many others like Laverne Cummings, and Harry S Franklyn, they were not drag artists, they were not ostensibly, or at least publicly, trans gendered, but were main stream performers.

Danny would often lend a real bit of glamour to Saturday evening family TV, a regular on "The Good Old Days" old time musical and other variety and entertainment shows, he would impersonate females, he never pretended that he was anything other than he was,, and avoided "camp" if not innuendo.   I watch TV now and wonder who are his successors, I see no one doing anything like this, sure there are the drag queens and actors occasionally taking roles that require cross dressing, but the Female Impersonator sees to be rarer than jugglers and performing dogs.

Maybe I should brush up an act and go "Britain's got Talent"
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