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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

What to Wear?

This is the age old conundrum for many of us.   We have an event coming up where we need to make a clothing choice, and then need to decide exactly how we are going to present ourselves.   What we wear can say so much about us, how we view ourselves, and how we expect others to view us.

On Thursday I will be playing at St Paul's Cathedral in a celebration and thanks giving for the London Taxi Drivers Association Children's Charity.   It should be a bit of a gala event, and of course this is a very prestigious venue (albeit a lousy acoustic) rather than the now usual all black, or dinner jackets the men (in this orchestra that includes me) have been asked to wear lounge suit and tie.    So now I have to make a choice.   If we are in all black then I only have to choose which black shirt and trousers to wear, if it's dinner jackets then it is more a question of do I have a white dress shirt that is clean and ironed, but just saying suit and tie!

I have three men's two piece suits a light grey shinny suit, good for weddings, and very dark blue light weight, good for funerals, and a double breasted dark green one that covers pretty much everything.   I also have two ladies' trouser suits, a dark blue one with a three quarter length jacket and a Marks & Spencer grey wool with a shorter, waisted jacket, one of which I am very tempted to wear, after that I still have to decide which one of the well over twenty ties I have.

I have often heard it said that clothes choices are easy for men, just put on a suit and tie ~ well I know I may not be a typical block but it's not always easy.
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