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Friday, 6 September 2013

A Lesson Learnt

As I spend more and more of my time as a woman I find that there are so many lessons I need to learn.   Lessons that most women learnt early on in their lives, not waiting till their mid fifties to find out the hard way.   Of course there are the important lessons about deportment, behaviour and presentation.   I learnt one important lesson this evening.

I had spent most of the day en femme, since I could, but then I had to go out and visit a  customer so I cleaned off my make up and put on a pair of trousers.   On my return I had a cup of tea, did my nails and then got changed and put my makeup on.   After that I washed up and set about getting dinner, this is when I learnt the lesson, not a cooking lesson, I'm pretty good at that, no this is a vital life lesson, CHOP THE ONIONS BEFORE PUTTING ON THE EYE MAKEUP!

Very soon I was doing a very good impersonation of a giant panda with big black splodges under both eyes.   I did take a photo but it's just too embarrassing.   Still looking on the bright side at least I know I'm not pregnant.

Now I need to pop out again, so I have to redo my eyes again, that'll be three times today.

You may notice I have finally got round to getting rid of the typing errors on my profile, I've also updated my photo, hope you approve.
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