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Monday, 23 September 2013

The Weekend Ends Here

Well, it has been quite a weekend, but t be honest in some ways I'm not quite sure where the time all went.   So let's see what I was up to and then maybe I will know.

Saturday Morning came round all too quickly, the only day all week when I didn't have to get up for a particular time in the morning, and the only morning when I woke up without the alarm at 7:30.   I had originally hoped for an outing with my daughter but she had too much homework to get done so we were limited to a quick visit.   I also had some letters and parcels to take round to her mother, so after doing some shopping it was round to see them.   I am pleased to say that it was a nice friendly, civilised visit, I hope that there is still a future for us as a family, even it is a family that does not live together.

After that it was house work and laundry till all too soon it was time to settle down for the evening and some dinner.   I find Saturday night on my own at home is pretty tough, I could go out to the pub, but just couldn't summon up the enthusiasm, and eating out on your own can be a little sad.   So I had a shower and shave, got myself dressed (a very nice sweater dress with lots of sparkly silver bits) and then settled down with a nice dinner and a bottle of wine.

It may not look much but this is one of my specialities, a sort of meat loaf, accompanied by fresh peas and nice bottle of Pinot Grigio, followed by some nice welsh soft blue cheese.   I would have had some ice cream but had put it at the bottom of the cool box when I started defrosting the freezer ~ so much for planning.

As I was defrosting the freezer I had to stay up until it was clear of all the built up ice, so I had lots of fun (not) catching up with all my ironing while watching the TV.

Sunday morning we had a sermon I really wanted to hear so I did go to the morning service even though I was playing at the evening service as well.   Our trumpet player has just had some surgery on his shoulder so he can't play so I had to take over and play the shofar as we celebrated sukkot.   I am not comfortable playing this as the mouthpiece is so much smaller than anything else I am used to, but as it is such an integral part of Jewish celebrations we feel it is better to have played poorly than not at all.   Our service was preceded by a very nice tea (lots of cakes and little sandwiches with the crusts cut off), this was great fun and was really part of the celebrations.   I think it is very important that as Christians we remember our Jewish roots, as with Islam we share so much, indeed both faiths have grown out of Judaism, the root of all monotheistic religion.

After the service it was back home put away the Bass and the shofar to settle down with a coffee and a whisky and watch the Grand Prix.

Ahh yes now I see where the weekend went, now to get on with the week.
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