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Paula's Place

Monday, 2 September 2013

Red Dress

While out shopping with my daughter on Saturday one thing I was particularly pleased to see was a lot of red on the racks.   I am very fond of real bright tailored red dresses, and suits they are tidy business like but so totally feminine and, yes, fun.   I have a tendency to wear a lot of grey or black with the odd bit of mauve or dark pink, some bright red would cheer up my whole wardrobe.
I am pleased t see on The Little Style File that my observation is confirmed (if I am a little behind) but I would like to thank them for the picture

A while back I did a have red dress I was fond of, but that was a loss I was quite upset about, so I am very happy to see that it looks as though the trend will survive for at least another season.

While I do not want to spend money I don't have to at the moment, I do like the idea of a red dress and jacket suit, in my minds eye I will look as good in a red dress as Edda

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