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Sunday, 1 September 2013


I know that recently I have not been quite as dedicated to getting my daily blog posts up as has been my habit.  Over the last week I have found my time to be in short supply, well of course I have had exactly the same amount of time that I and everybody else has every week, it’s just that here have been a lot of calls on that time.

My friend B has been working with me all week but since his car is currently off the road awaiting some critical but minor repairs I have been picking him up and then dropping him home each day, this actually adds about two hours on to the working day, then of course I still have all the domestic duties to perform.   I can assure you I am no domestic goddess, but I have been trying to keep the house straight and even make a few improvements each week.   Well this week I have struggled to even keep up with the washing up.

Looking back it is hard to put my finger on any one thing that has been achieved that took quite so much time, it is just all the stuff that is involved with keeping a business running.   With as many as four people working at a few different sites I have done as much driving around and looking after the others as working myself, still it is good to have a weekend.   Typically yesterday (Saturday) morning my first job was to take a load of waste for composting, before picking up my daughter to do a little shopping.

A little shopping! I should have known better.   Staring sixth form on Tuesday apparently she needed a new bag and some shoes, this turned into a couple of skirts, some blouses, shoes and a bag.   I went clothes shopping spent over £150 and bought nothing for me!

I do want a dressing gown, I have a think towelling one but wanted something lighter weight, since I have now changed my habitual nightwear I would like something extra to put on when I get up but what I have is a bit to think and warm.   I also thought it would be a good way of bringing up the subject of my clothing choices by making it clear that I intended buying in the women’s department.   Of course nowhere we went had anything other than thick winter dressing gowns anyway so the whole idea went by the board.   It would have been nice to spend the whole day with my daughter but she had a party in the evening but by the time I had dropped her and some rather impressive balloons off so she could help her friend get ready the day was pretty much over anyway.

It is strange, my daughter and I seem to be enjoying our time together much more now that it is limited, maybe this way we value what we like about each other without having the time to annoy each other.   Certainly the times we spend to together have become the highlights of my week.
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