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Friday, 2 August 2013

What did you see?

You may have gathered that I am inordinately fond of nail polish, for me this is almost the epitome of femininity, nicely painted long shinny pink or red finger nails just scream elegance, glamour and sophistication.   I also tend to think that my hands are one of my best features, so I do love to paint my nails, I also hate to clean them off again so soon afterwards.

So one of the small pleasures I have enjoyed this last week or so is leaving my nail polish on over night, this has actually led to me going out in the morning with the polish still on.   On two days this week I have been with customers, while my nails were pink, and I have no comment from anyone other than my friend S who was working with me today, who just observed that she liked the colour, but that her darker one was more practical for hiding the inevitable dirt under the finger nails attached with our job.

I suspect that this is a part of the whole thing that people only see what they expect to see.   The other evening I was out fully dressed in a light cotton flowery summer dress with pretty much full make up delivering my invoices, two of my customers saw me, recognised me and talked to me, neither asked why I was wearing a dress, I suspect that they simply did not notice.   In some ways this is nice and reassuring that people are not simply setting about finding us out and deriding us for our clothes choices, on the other hand it is a little disappointing to go to all that trouble to look nice and then have people not even notice.
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