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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Just One !?!?

So today's challenge from Paula,

What one person from history would you most like to spend a day with? And Why?

Mmmm, tricky one this.   I think one of the problems is that there are just so many figures to choose between.   It's a bit like Desert Island Disks only being limited to only one choice.   Certainly the one person who has changed World History more than any other, was also probably the most charismatic person ever as well, of course I mean Jesus of Nazareth, so why wouldn't I select Jesus? well I spend some time each day with Jesus as it is, I also suspect that this might just be missing the point.

While I am writing this I have an old recording of "I Claudius" running on the TV, which makes me wonder about the great Roman's or other Classical heroes.   We have such a choice Alexander? Hadrian?  Caesar? Brutus? or going back further Homer? or may be even Achilles or Odysseus.   Having said all that I can't think that it would be that much fun.

More recently we have Nelson or Wellington, but I understand that Wellington was a bit of a bore, and that Nelson was "so up himself" that a whole day might be a bit trying.  Churchill liked his brandy, I will admit to being a little partial to a drop myself, but I think the cigars might be a bit of a turn off.

Considering this question makes me realise that most of the great figures in history were very single minded, and that tends to mean that they would probably not be very good company, so maybe I should choose Eric Morecambe, or Stan Laurel.    They would certainly be more fun, but if I could only choose one person it would be the most important one there is, it would be my father.   He died just over 20 years ago and I still miss him, so much has happened in that 20 years that I could tell him about.   He would have loved being a grandfather and would have been very good at it, much better than my Mother is at being a Grand Mother, or than I am at being a father, maybe he could have given me a few tips at being a father and a husband, two things I don't seem to have been very good at.   More to the pint I could tell him just how god a father he was, and how much I miss him.

If this counts as cheating then I would have to plumb for Joseph Paxton, architect, engineer, designer, gardener and M.P. the talent and range of the man is simply staggering, just so long as I could get him to take off his hat.
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