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Sunday, 4 August 2013

And more

Following on from Friday's post I had very busy day on Saturday, not least because my daughter was having a sixteenth birthday party at our house, and my absence was requested, apparently I am just too embarrassing!    So I started the day with a trip to the Swanley commercial composting site to get rid of my green waste, after this I had a look in the BHF Furniture and Electrical shop to see if I could find a new telly, no joy, so then back home to load up the car with lots of general waste for a trip to the local dump.    Then it was a bit of a rush to tidy up all my papers and stuff from the lounge to make it a teenage friendly environment.

All this running around took me up till about two in the afternoon which would have been fine except that I was aiming to go to a band barbecue which started at midday.   A quick shower and change and I was on my way.   A little late (I missed most of the food) but still very much welcomed.   When I got there I realised that I still had nail polish on.  

We are a pretty friendly bunch and some of us are close friends who have known each other well for around forty years.   Despite the Facebook announcement no one mentioned our marital situation until I did, I suspect that they were A/ embarrassed and B/ didn't want to spoil the occasion by saying anything if I didn't.   This again makes me wonder if some people notice what I wear but don't want to say anything as against those who just don't notice.   One of my friends (a girl I have known for nearly twenty years through her marriage, the birth of her two children and the breakup of her marriage) did notice my nails, and challenged me "You are wearing nail polish aren't you" so I just said "yes" and when asked why I said "just for fun"   I was very tempted to come out then and there, but thought that it might not be the right moment.   Later as I was leaving at the same time as my friend I commented on our hostess's nails ( a gorgeous pink that matched the colour of her hydrangea perfectly) so it was pointed that mine were rather nice as well.   Neither girl seemed judgemental or critical of me wearing nail polish, but were complimentary of the colour and application.

I suspect that if (or perhaps when) I come out then this will be a group that will just continue to accept me as the friend they have known, but who has just acquired an additional quirk.
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