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Paula's Place

Monday, 5 August 2013


I mentioned yesterday that I was looking for a cheap replacement TV (Television not transvestite, I am quite happy with the one I am). The other evening I was out when I got a text message from my wife, who is still sleeping at our house, asking what was wrong with the telly? Well it had been fine when I turned it off, but now it just had a white screen, the sound was OK but no picture.   A quick search on the old interweb indicated what the problem might be and a possible fix, but that didn't work so I will be resorting to replacement.

However bearing in mind our current uncertain domestic arrangements I am loath to spend any money, hence the looking in charity shops.   On Thursday I visited Wallington where there is a BHF Furniture and Electrical store, they had a TV I quite liked but it didn't have a remote so I decided to leave it, wandering further down the High Street, I tried on a spectacular black evening dress, I wanted to buy it but wasn't sure that I could carry off the backless look.   I have now decided that today (Monday) I will go back and will buy both the TV and the Dress if they are still in stock.   If they have been sold then I will try to convince myself that it is a sign that I was right and shouldn't have bought them.

In the mean time we do have a little 14 inch portable TV that I have set up, it's not quite the same but at least I can watch the cricket.
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