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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

THE Dress

To continue the saga....Yesterday I wrote about our television and a dress I had tried on but was unsure of buying, well today I went back, first I bought a TV, nothing fancy just a simple little tele that is big enough to see, small enough to fit and that will work.   The dress was another matter.

Part of my problem was that I didn't have the right shoes on when I first tried this dress.   I was wearing a pair of ballet pumps and this is a dress that requires killer heels.   Also it is totally backless and my bra was showing which made the whole thing look a bit odd.   As I was planning to pop in and buy the dress if it was still there my first thought that it would be too complicated to get dressed, I would just go in my normal drab working clothes and if it were still there I would buy it.   As a last minute decision I popped a pair of very sheer black tights and some killer heels it my bag before going out.   Arriving in the shop I checked out the rails and it was still there, so I claimed it.   One lady observed my choice and commented on what a nice dress it was, if she had seen it first she might have bought it.   As the only changing room was in use we got into a bit of a conversation, and I told her I had tried it the other day, but wasn't sure as I didn't have my heels with me, and I wasn't sure about the back.

As the changing room became free I slipped inside removed my drab outer garments . put  my tights, heels and the dress, in the small changing room it looked fine, but with a turn of devilry I went outside into the shop to find my new friend and asked her what she thought.   Having been reassured that it was "stunning" and that he back looked "really good on you" I just had to buy it didn't I?

It was a great buy and it was great to find a civilian who was happy to join in my fun, now I just need a suitable occasion to show off my new dress, how about a coming out party?
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