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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A bit of self pity

I don't really "do" horoscopes, I know there is a biblical injunction against them, but perhaps more to the point anything that says the same thing is going to happen to one twelve of the population in any one give week is clearly about as reliable as homoeopathy.   Of course when I talk to people who follow horoscopes they will ask my sign, I will happily tell them I am a Virgo to which I normally get the knowing nod of the head and the acknowledgement that "Well then you would say that wouldn't you, typical Virgo"   Having said all that Cyrsti has pointed me to "The Frisky", while clearly still rubbish it is entertaining.

Anyway this is their prediction for us Virgos for the next week.
"Sometimes you just can’t help but break out the pity party. Luckily, it can be cute — and this time, it’ll be downright irresistible. So, bat your eyelashes a little more dramatically because it’ll be those little things that will make a world of difference now. Besides, you’re a gal that lives for the details."

I will admit to a bit of self pity at the moment, (usually as a result of silly things like not being able to find the can opener, and then realising that my wife has taken it) but then I think I do have some reason, not so sure that fluttering my eyelashes will have much of a positive effect on anyone though.
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