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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Just Surfing

While surfing earlier this evening I came across Paula's Place, which was a little confusing for me, I had not realised that there was another Paula with a place, right here on blogger, I am paula-paulasplace and she is paulasplace-paula.    Not quite the usual fare here but I found her blog interesting an entertaining.

A bit late to follow through all of her July challenge I thought I honour my name sake with at least the last couple of days.   So today's question is

What is one thing you cannot live without in your kitchen?

Not a easy one this, since I do love to cook, and I do love to eat, at this very moment I have some bread baking in my bread maker, this is a gadget I love it is so easy to use and have really fresh bread, and the wonderful smell of it baking.   Then there is my favourite 10 inch cooks knife, I use this for almost all cutting jobs, a well balanced knife with a good sharp blade is a joy to use, even chopping onions becomes bearable.   I use my cast iron Le Creuset frying pan almost daily, it is very heavy but there is something about it that makes it much nicer to use than a light weight aluminium or steel one.   The iron means that the heat is evenly spread across the whole of the pan, and keeping it properly seasoned makes it pretty non-stick.

But I think if I had to just pick one thing I simply couldn't live without, that would have to be replaced immediately if anything happened to it, would be the teapot.   I can't function until I have had my morning mug of tea, and several more throughout the day.

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