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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Psalm like it hot

I've been waiting t use that line for ages! and even now I have scant excuse for it, other than to mention that on a Wednesday morning I meet up with a few friends for an early morning prayer group, and we always start by reading a Psalm, and just in case any of you haven't realised it's hot.
one of the gardens in question

Once again today the temperatures were in the high 20s and of course that's in the shade, so when, like me, you are working in direct sunshine, than baby it's hot outside.   when I got back from my prayer group I found it really difficult to get motivated and going.   I had to make a couple of 'phone calls and then visit my bank/Building Society, so I used these excuses to put off the start of the day's labours.

The staff at my local branch are very aware f me as a trans woman so in line with my general policy I like to make sure that I am in female garb when I visit. Today it was just "too damn hot" to want to dress up and certainly far too hot to want to wear anything substantial in the way of make up.   So by way of compromise I donned a pair of denim (fem) shorts and a strappy top with a pair of white flat canvas shoes.   I did have my boobs in, and carried a small purse shoulder bag, but apart from some lip gloss and eye makeup that was it, oh yes and of course I had to put on some bronze nail polish

I was conscious of a few more looks than normal, but some of those may well be down the shortness of the shorts.   I do know that everywhere I went I was treated appropriately.   After that I had to dash off to do some work in a couple of customers gardens, I was aware that my mode of dress was a little unconventional (I had removed my boobs and bra) but no one seemed concerned, it was only later that I realised I had not cleaned off my eye makeup or nail polish.   As has so often been observed,, people do seem too see what they expect to see.
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