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Paula's Place

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Odd Behaviour

I have noticed a very strange phenomenon over the last couple of weeks.   With one thing and anther in quite a lot of my gardens I have been late dead heading peonies,   this should not be a problem as they dead flower heads are not that unattractive and they only flower once, usually.   On several plants this year I have noticed a few fresh flower buds forming, this is something I don't ever  remember seeing before in around fifty years of gardening (I was very young when I started)

Sorry it's not much of a photo but then that's camera phones for you!   I think if this had just been one plant in one garden I would have discounted it, but I have seen this on at least five plants in four different gardens, in different situations.   I can only conclude that it is something to do with our unnussual weather patterns, but I can't say I understand it at all.

Something I might be able to understand a little better is the latest development in  the meaning of Lila, I think that I may have a bit of completion there.

As they might say at the BBC, "Other Blogs are available"

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