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Monday, 22 July 2013

Not a Lot

Every now and then in the life of any blogger there are times when there is very little that we want to say.   This does not mean that nothing is going n in our lives (well in my case at least) it is ore that there doesn't seem to be much worth blogging about, nothing of any special note, and no earth shattering ideas, revelations or comic comments.

This week has been one of those occasions for me, I have lots going on, maybe a bit too much for me handle in some respects, but there is nothing that is new.   The situation with out marriage continues, I am still very busy with work, and since we have stopped rehearsing for summer little is happening on the music front.   Having said all that I was very pleased too be playing the electric bass in the worship band for this mornings service.

I like to think that I am a natural bass player, but I am not yet good enough at the instrument to play the lines that I am thinking.   I could play the on the tuba, but then the sound just wouldn't blend the same.   I think this morning is the best I have played electric bass, certainly since taking it up again this year.   It may just be the songs we played this morning but for once I could really identify the patterns an work with them.   I am by no means the finished article, but I am getting there.   When I took up the instrument again my intention was solely to play in our worship bands, but I will admit that I could now quite fancy an opportunity to play a  bit more ~ in my spare time of course.   So if any one out there is thinking of putting together a trans rock band, I could be your girl.   An interesting combination, classical trombone and rock electric bass, with a little (jazz) tuba thrown in for good measure.

So does that make me the only Christian cross dressing tuba/trombone/bass playing gardener in the UK? ~ eat your heart out Eddie Izzard!

I find I am longing for a Paula outing but life at the moment just doesn't allow the space for it, so I will just carry on working, and trying to make a little space to be me for a bit.
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