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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

No sex please, we're British

Over on Femulate Stana has been answering questions.   Some of these questions have been probing around sex and sexuality, This is one question se addressed

"Paula queried, “Why does sex not appear or exist in any of your postings?” I strive to keep the blog as family-oriented as possible."

I read this and my first thought was, "That's not me" and my second was "Yes that's exactly how I want to keep Paula's Place.   Sure I have occasionally mentioned some quite personal things but there are limits and they will stay in place.

On quite a different matter I have been foolish, I needed a new cordless drill, and being sustainably minded I decided to get a second hand one off e-bay, I was very pleased to win a DeWalt professional quality drill and was eagerly awaiting it's arrival.   Yesterday it arrived, exactly as described a drill and two batteries, err yes a drill and two batteries only!   I am now desperately seeking a charger for the batteries before I need to use the drill building a deck on Thursday.
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