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Paula's Place

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Dirty Washing

During the time I have been writing Paula's Place I have often written on the subject of marriage, indeed I have a page devoted to it.   These writing have always in general support of the institution of marriage, and the extension of it to be equal for all.   Have my recent difficulties changed my mind?

No, not in the least, they have convinced me that it is always wrong not to be totally truthful with a partner, and that it is important to keep communicating even when it gets difficult, but I would say that on balance I am still in favour of marriage.

However as I have now calmed down and had a chance of some refection I have no intention of airing our dirty washing public, so other than general observations I will not be writing any more on the subject.   I suspect that as I explore this new stage of my life I will have more than enough material to keep me going.

In the mean time over the next few days as things get sorted out and adjustments made, I may not be posting as regularly as I have been wont, I am sure you will all understand.
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