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Paula's Place

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Because I Can

I almost inadvertently seem to have adopted a Biblical approach to work, as in "Six day shall you Labour", so today was a work day, partly so I could finish off the last few details of a landscaping job I should have completed a couple of weeks ago, and partly just so I could be out of the way while my wife does a little more packing.

I am really pleased with the completed job, it has all come together very nicely, and the bits I did today made all the difference.   I managed to get almost everything done before the promised rain actually turned up mid afternoon.   Unfortunately it was almost everything and while just tidying up and loading he van I got soaked, with a fairly long journey home and needing to stop and do some shopping I decided that I would do one of my quick changes, unfortunately all I had to change into was a short denim skirt and grey blouse, so I duly did.   Not only had I taken out most of the clothes I might have had in the van before but I had also taken out all my makeup and jewellery.

I found it interesting that walking round Tesco's with no makeup on at all I was not aware of receiving as many curious looks as I can when wearing the full slap.   I think part of this is that people see what they expect to see, and maybe the full makeup is more incongruous than the total lack.   With the weather we have been having it would be much more comfortable to feel I have to wear so much.

Tonight I will be "Home Alone" and plan to cook myself a nice dinner (I picked up some scallops on special offer in Tesco's) open a bottle of wine and sit at the table properly.   First I shall have a bath and then glam up with a nice slinky dress, hose, high heels and some sparklies, because I can.
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