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Paula's Place

Monday, 24 June 2013


I always wear my wedding ring, the only times I have taken it off since we got married was when I used to regularly play Rugby.   As intended it is a constant reminder and sign of our wedding vows, a signal to others and a reminder to self.   Along with a watch as "him" it is often the only piece of jewellery that I wear, as Paula I still wear it, but with more.

I like to wear at least one other ring, an "engagement" ring under the wedding ring, but the one I have been wearing is fairly cheap costume jewellery and the gold finish is beginning to wear off.   I have one or two much more dramatic sparklers for when I am glamed up, but it does seem to be quite difficult to find something that looks nice and won't turn my finger green.

It would be nice to buy a proper decent ring from a proper jeweller, but there is no way my budget will allow for such things, the cheap stores, Matalan, Primark etc. don't have anything appropriate so I must just keep my eyes open and grab the opportunity should it present itself.
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