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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

How to get a bikini body

Whenever I am surfing around the Internet I keep my eyes open for pictures that make me think "I could use that" sometimes they are to illustrate a post, sometimes they inspire one, this is one of those times.

There are special diets, often promoting special diet foods, special exercises all too try to make you different to how you are made, .   We also read a lot about what we aught to wear, what will make our waists look thinner, or higher, what will make us look slimmer taller shorter etc. etc.  I have on occasion written some of this stuff myself, what to wear to blend, what to wear to be age appropriate.   To those of us who are very image aware this may be helpful, but to many I think it may easily sound dictatorial and even oppressive, and actually manage to just make you feel bad about yourself

On Sunday evening I had a rehearsal, I spent quite a while trying to decide what I would wear, on those odd occasions I do have to dress I want to express my femininity, but I do not want to stand out as the OTT Crossdresser.   I know that there is a fair chance that if I wear a dress I will be the only one who does.   Most women my age now wear jeans as their prime item of casual wear, so I also wore jeans with a grey cotton knit polo neck and a pair of high heel black boots (it wasn't very warm that evening) I have to say I felt great, looked good, but more to the point was comfortable and quite feminine in my presentation.   I also found I had a conversations with one or two people I had not spoken to before who were quite relaxed with me, I wonder if dressing down a bit also made others more comfortable.
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