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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Will I ever wear it?

Over the weekend I tried a few looks including this LBD, this is the one that at least one of you thought was too short.   Teamed with fishnet tights and some pretty extreme heels I was inclined to agree.   I am now torn as to whether I should keep it - just in case I have an occasion to wear something this daring, or whether I should make the room in my wardrobe and pass it on to someone who could really rock it through a charity shop.

I do have a few things that I have found I don't wear, and don't think I will so I am now making up a parcel which I will take later this week, I just need to decide about this dress, I really like it, but would I wear it?

Yesterday on my way to drop off my friend B after work I stopped at the bank to get some cash, when I got back to the van and started her up, the oil light stayed on.   I was surprised since it's only a couple of months since we changed the oil and gave her a service, now I know about these things, I don't want to drive a vehicle with a potential lack of oil pressure, so I stopped the engine, we checked the oil level, checked the connections on the sensor and everything else we could check.   Got back in and started the engine again, the light still stayed on, I revved the engine a little to build pressure, the light stayed on.   In the eighteen months I've had this van it's the first time this has happened, the light is a little yellow oil can and a spanner.

Thinking about it we wondered if it might be a service light, so we drove gently back to B's house and checked on the good old interweb, yes it's a service light, and it can easily be reset.   That was a big relieve, it's bad enough that I have to tax and insure it this month, if I had to have engine work done as well it could just about finish me off.
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