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Paula's Place

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Gone Fishing

Earlier I mentioned that I was wearing a pair of fishnet tights on Saturday evening, They would not have been my first choice, but given that all the other hosiery I took with me was at this point gently spinning in the washing machine, they were the least appropriate hosiery I had available.

I think every Girl should have at least one pair of fishnets in her wardrobe, that way she always has the choice not to wear them!  I have been known to wear fishnets under trousers so that the ankles and feet are showing but not the legs, this is a bit of a tease, suggesting what might be there but not showing.   Other wise I fear that the associations of fishnets with ladies of lose virtue is just to near the front of my mind to want to wear them out.   After all we do need to be careful about what signals our clothing gives to others, and I don't think that I want to be sending the signal that fishnets send to most men.

Earlier today I noticed a very well presented lady, in her middle years, very trim, nice smart black skirt suit with a red belt and a lovely pair or red high heeled pumps, as I got closer I realised that she was also wearing fishnets, it struck then and there how much nicer she would have looked with sheer, nearly black hose.   Somehow the fishnets gave what could and should have been a very stylish classy look an air of "posh tart".   Again maybe it is just me and that association I have but for me I don't want anyone to look at me and think what I thought today.
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