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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Small pleasures,~ notes from a Welsh Garden

My notes from Sunday morning

Sunday morning and I have the small joy of waking up with my nail polish still on, I will have to clean it off before I go to the hospital to visit Mum since it is such a bright red, I may be able to get away with a pale pink or pearl, but not red.   It seems silly that joy can come from such silly small things when we all know full well that femininity is not based of clothing, but something much deeper within, make up, clothes and all the rest of it are simply the current fashionable outward expressions of femininity, but sometimes they are all we have. 

There has been much discussion recently on a forum I am member of concerning the tricky problem of the farmers tan.   For me this is a serious problem, because I spend so much time outdoors  I will always end up with tan lines matching my clothes.   For me that is work clothes of cotton trouser and polo shirts, so pale and pastey  chest, legs, shoulders and upper arms and dark well-tanned fore arms to around two inches above the elbow.
Even though the weather has been pretty rotten so far this year I am already displaying the worst signs of the dreaded tan, my plan to counteract this is to every now and then strip down to much less coverage.   Saturday I spent some time in the garden wearing a pair of daisy dukes and a camisole top with spaghetti straps, I hope that if it is warm enough today (Sunday) to do the same.

As it happens Sunday was no as hot as Saturday so the sun did not beat quite as strongly on y bare shoulders, but then in the afternoon I did spend a little time sitting in the garden catching up on some admin work on the laptop, by then I had changed into a sleeveless summer dress, so still managed a bit of sun.

The pictures are just a few I took in Mum's garden, she has some lovely plants and a really strong design, it's just all got a little out of control
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