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Monday, 27 May 2013

What a Weekend

Well what a fantastic weekend for the sports fan.   I am currently watching my recording of Saturday's Aviva Premiership final (Rugby), we have the second and final test match against New Zealand (Cricket) today my local team Crystal Palace play Watford in arguably the richest soccer game in the world, yesterday there was the Women's FA Cup Final, the French Open Tennis and of course the Monaco Grand Prix.   In and around all these events there is much to discuss and much I could write, but for now I think I shall put the all to one side while I think of things closer to home.

It has been a busy weekend as on Saturday I had to work for much of the day before dashing off to play as some friends reaffirmed their marriage vows as part of the celebration of 20 years married.  On Friday evening some friends asked us to join them going out for dinner, my wife declined this invitation as she had the one to the 20th anniversary party.   At the moment getting her to do anything, or indeed even to speak more than a couple of words is like pulling teeth, I am running out of both ideas and patience.   This afternoon we are planning to go to the Crystal Palace (the Park not the football ground) for the car sprints, I hope this will be fun and something we can enjoy together.
Benedict Cumberbatch, and English Actor

Later this evening all three of us will be going to the cinema to watch the latest Star Trek film.   I expect to enjoy this partly because it will be a rare occasional when we do something as a family, but also because the producers have obeyed one of the first rules of making a good Hollywood film, cast an English Actor as the baddie!
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