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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Not really plagiarism

I have another Blog, it is not as widely read as this one, partly because in theory at least it is not as wide ranging as this one, and also because every now and then I lose interest and don't post for some time.   Occasionally there is a crossover between the two and then I may make the same post on both.   After realising that I had not posted since February and some prompting from a friend to get it going again I have put up a couple of things this last week.   Today I posted a bit about playing at IDAHO ~ this is it.

Most of the time we just potter through life getting on with our own little lives, but every now and then we get the chance to do something, to stand up get noticed and influence people, to do something important.   For most people most often this will happen when it is something that effects us directly, but as a musician every now and then we have the opportunity to do something important.  

Last weekend a few members of the Croydon Band had one of those opportunities.    We were asked to play at an event in Croydon Town centre for IDAHO
that is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.   A selection of gay, and trans groups combined with some local Churches to promote freedom within diversity.   Freedom from violence, abuse, and prejudice.   I'm not sure how much effect this first local event will have, but there did appear to be some conversations being had and notice was taken.

I don't know whether the band will be back next year but I will be as it seems to me that this is A Good Thing

I titled the Post "A Good Thing" I have deliberately not outed myself but I just wanted my non trans friends and readers to think about this a bit, maybe it will help, maybe not, but it is always worth a try. Either way the band was very popular and I think we may have acquired a few fans
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