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Friday, 24 May 2013

How Wrong Can I Be

There I was this morning all set up to have a nice leisurely bath, a cup of coffee and a nice easy day, maybe a bit of admin and sorting out my van insurance, when I looked out of the window and realised that it wasn't raining.

Yea, no raining equals going out and working, much work to do, not much time to do it so today I had two of us lined up to catch up on all my back log.   So off I trolled in my van to pick up my friend B, before I could get there it started raining again and didn't stop until about five O'clock this afternoon.   Well I did get my coffee but not much beyond that and an interesting conversation on business planning.   I ended up spending a quite afternoon achieving not very much, but then that's probably just what I needed, however it does mean that tomorrow I now have two customers I must be dressed respectably and at the Church for at the run through before playing by mid afternoon.   I have said many time before that I am a fan of marriage, and as my friends are reaffirming their marriage vows I want to do everything I can to help make the day special.

Jamieson at Fantasia Fair photo by Mariette Allen
I am no fan of the Daily Mail, and after the Lucy Meadows affair I am unlikely to become one.   I you wonder why, just Google Daily Mail Transgender and see how many positive stories you can find, but I did have this interesting article pointed out to me.   It's good to see photos of transgendered people that just make them appear to be ~ well, ~ people.   More power to her shutter I say.
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