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Monday, 6 May 2013

Simple Pleasures

The other day Joey commented that "The thought of having to go to the hairdressers and the osteopath would be like torture to me!" this made me muse as to just what the attraction is, because I know I do enjoy both of these experiences.   Certainly part of it is the outcome, My hair looks better after I have had it cut and styled, and my whole body feels much better after a good pummelling.   Indeed past experience tells me that if I don't visit the osteopath regularly eventually my back will give out and I will need to take time off work until the pain subsides and I can move again.   So utility is part of it.   But only part.

I now that I like being the centre of attention, and in both of these situations I am the centre of somebodies attention, the hairdresser is totally and solely concerned with my hair, the osteopath with my body, not only that but in both situations I am being pampered, they are quite sensual experiences.   There are other things I do, like having my eyebrows threaded where the experience itself is not pleasant, but I am still the centre of attention and there is a positive outcome, but the overall experience is not a pleasurable one.   So it would seem that for me the combination of the sensual experience, being the centre of attention and of course the outcome.   having said all that believe me, if your legs felt like mine do at the moment you too would be looking forward to a massage.

A couple of days ago our daughter had her nose pierced, against my wishes, but then I'm getting used to that, I am quite sure that it was not a pleasurable experience, I am now considering having my ears pierced, I would not anticipate it being any fun, but it would allow me a much wider choice of earrings, however I do wonder if that might be a step too far, how would my family and friends react, or perhaps more to the point how would my wife react? I'm quite sure that the argument that she didn't worry about what I thought when she took our daughter to have her nose pierced so why should I worry about how they react if I have my ears done will not hold water
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