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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Beans, Beer and the Doctor

Like most people I have good days and I have bad days, sometimes it is very difficult to tell in advance what a day is going to be like.   I can look in my diary to see what I should be doing, but that is only a clue, so much depends on the customer, the traffic, what actually needs doing and how long it takes.   Yesterday was good day.   Although I started a little shakily with some rain which meant I had to go and bring in some washing, it soon dried up and I could get off to work.   First visit to this customer, a friend from Church who broke his leg in February and still can't dig or do any heavy work in his garden.   So I made a start on clearing his veg patch, potted up some strawberry runners and dug out his bean trench.   All very satisfying work and all done in the sunshine.

When I got home I actually had a spare half hour so I could fix my favourite lawn mower.    An old Hayter Harrier 16 inch push mower this machine is ideal for my work, robust enough to survive, light enough to lift in and out of the van, easy to use, and cuts very nicely (with stripes).    The only trouble is that because all my mowers are old and get worked pretty hard I find it difficult to keep up with maintenance.   Now I have the Hayter sorted I need to clean out the carb on my little Mountfield and check the drive one the big beast.   It is nice to have my favourite back in working order.

After that it was down to the band room to pick up the gear for today's gig and then up to the Grape & Grain to meet a friend for a quick pint.    This friend used to live nearby but has had to move back to the Kent Coast to be with his Mother so I don't get to see him very often, it was nice to relax over a leisurely pint and catch up before he had to go back to Margate.

All that and a good Doctor Who, definitely a Good Day
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