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Monday, 6 May 2013

A Busman's Holiday

Here in the UK today was a Bank Holiday, and since I did work on Saturday and had a Brass Band Gig yesterday I thought it best that I spent the day at home with the family, after all I need all the brownie points I can get.   For once I did manage to get up late, so often recently when I have had the opportunity for a bit of a lay in I have been awake even earlier than normal and have had too get up as I just couldn't get back to sleep.

Well this morning I did manage to sleep, and when I did get up I could treat myself to a nice breakfast with some special black pudding I bought at the craft fair the band was playing at yesterday.   Black pudding is one of my guilty secrets ( if the small boy at the back with the dirty mind could stop giggling for a moment) I know that it is high in fat and calories and all the other things that are probably bad for me, but it does taste good, especially along with a fried egg.   So after a leisurely breakfast I set about some of the tasks I had set myself for the day, most of these were garden related, and after first the bad weather and then being so busy it was good to get my veg patch clear and some seed planted.   I also managed to clear another couple of areas and transplant some sweet williams, another job that is a few months overdue.

I am particularly relieved too have got my onions in, they have already started to sprout in the bag, my only worry now is that the cats will dig them up after I have prepared such a nice well dug over fine surface on the bed.   There is still plenty to do in the garden, but I feel a lot happier about it than I did on Friday, maybe we will manage to have our open garden again the this year after missing out the last couple of summers.   We finished off with a barbecue, just the three of us, but that is just fine by me, we all ate far too much meat and we particularly enjoyed some Hereford beef steak burgers, again bought at yesterday's craft fair.
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