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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Good News, Bad News

As it was raining and my wife and daughter were out this afternoon, I had a few hours to myself and the opportunity to have a little Paula time.   The way I'm feeling these days, every snatched moment is precious.   This was a chance to try on a few outfits check a few combinations, and a alight change in my make up routine, on the whole I am quite happy with everything I tried.

I then popped out as I had some banking to do, although wearing jeans and flat shoes I was very much en femme, but decided not to get changed.    As it happened none of my neighbours saw me and it was a totally uneventful outing.   In fact a little more uneventful than I would have liked, I wasted so much time trying stuff on and messing about that I missed the bank.

As my wife and daughter were still not home I thought I had better check when they were planning be back, only to find that they had decided to eat without me up in town and would not be back till fairly late, normally I would be glad of the time, but this evening we have guests coming round.   I wonder at what point she would have told me she wouldn't be here if I hadn't asked.

Things like this are beginning to get me down, I have been getting a lot of the silent treatment recently and I don't know why, and of course because she's not talking to me I don't stand much chance f finding out.   I really thought we had made some progress but things are once again just as bad as they were a few months ago.
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