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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Cleanly does it

So another busy day, but I did manage to find some time this morning to repaint my toe nails, and this evening when I had a quick shower it was not so quick  that I couldn't shave.   As I will be with both my hairdresser and my osteopath tomorrow I want to be able to present a nice smooth presentation.   As I was thinking about this earlier I decided that hair was not nice but OK, clean shaved was best but worst was stubble.

So tomorrow when I go to the osteopath  there will be no stubble, just nice clean shaved flesh, on legs chest back etc. I shall enjoy the experience and not feel worried about the odd bit of hair just as in the morning I shall enjoy having my hair cut and will do my best to ignore the fact that the hair line is fast receding in a northerly direction.

I shall now retire to bed as I know I am a little "relaxed" after a couple of pints with my brother, more tomorrow, reports on both the hairdresser and the osteopath, and maybe some musing on tonight's trip to the pub.   That is unless something more interesting doesn't happen.
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