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Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Weekend Starts Here

Here in the UK we have a Bank Holiday on Monday (for Mayday) so this should mean a long relaxing weekend, good weather a little pottering in the garden and maybe even a barbecue if the weather holds.   Instead I will be working today (Saturday) bandstand concert (in drab) on Sunday and then only on Monday will I get a bit of a break, and by then I shall probably be shattered.

This has been a pretty heavy week already as I have been catching up on work that had been put off during the bad weather, along with all the seasonal work I would expect anyway.   That and no dressing opportunities, indeed with my regular rehearsal cancelled no real social outings at all, a bit of a flat week.   On the positive side I am working! and next week I have an appointment with both my hairdresser and my osteopath and then on Saturday a meeting of the Croydon Trans Group so that gives me at least three things to look forward to.

I find I need things to look forward to, to anticipate and plan for.   My Father always used to say that the anticipation was better than the event, I don't know about that but I can see what he was getting at, sometimes late at night I will poor myself a large Scotch, and spend a minute or so just looking at it, anticipating the sensation of enjoying that first sip the caramel or peaty taste as the whisky is rolled around in the mouth leading to the burn of the alcohol, then the warmth as it is swallowed, then and only then do I actually take a sip.   I wonder if shopping is a bit like that, the looking at all the different items, trying them on, imagining the situation in which they would be worn.   Maybe that is why I have so many dresses.

The video is nothing to do with anything other than I just found it, and the guitarist is a (virtual) friend of mine - you really do rock Anita!
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