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Paula's Place

Sunday, 19 May 2013

And so it goes

Just as a simple observation I am more than just a trans woman.   I mean I do have a life outside of dressing up, you may not need reminding of this, but sometimes I do.   At the moment I have a very busy schedule with lots of good stuff going on, but that does mean no time for playing dress up.

At yesterday's IDAHO event in central Croydon, we may or may not have attracted a lot of attention, I do believe that there were quite a few conversations being had between passers by and members of the team manning the stands.   Because I was playing I could not tell how useful these conversations were, but we did had several organisations joining together to try to combat Transphobia and Homophobia and many of those organisations are not part of the "community", these connections should be beneficial to all involved, we can only learn from each other, but we can only do that if we meet and get to know each other.    I trust that the exercise was useful, I also trust that the follow up publicity will attract even more attention than the event it's self, we shall see.

Following this event I had another Gig with a band in Westerham, this finished in time to get home have a curry with the family while we watched a recording of Doctor Who?   To say we were confused by the end would be something of an understatement.   I strongly suspect that anyone who thinks they know what's going on doesn't understand.

Today after Church and lunch I finally managed to get my runner beans planted and a few other garden chores, and in the morning it all starts with work again.   I have lots of work everyday (whoopi) and something on just about every evening (Monday rehearsal, Tuesday meeting, Wednesday rehearsal, Thursday 70th birthday party, Friday breath) and then next Saturday there is another performance as some friends reaffirm their marriage vows.

Sunday I hope I can get to the LGSO rehearsal if I manage to stay awake, I need the rehearsal and I really need to let Paula out to play.
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