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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Sometimes it's hard

On Saturday we were rather naughty and seemed to go through an awful lot of rather poor double entendres. As we were waiting to start playing  there was the comment, "Now I've got it out I want to play with it" not much later one of my Gay friends seeing my Tuba commented that I obviously liked to blow something big.   Well tonight's post is not meant to be in that vein, no cheap Dick Emery type humour intended, it's just that sometimes it is hard to find a theme for a daily post.

I have set myself a goal for, amongst other things, a daily post, and I intend to attain that goal.   But as I say sometimes it's hard, and by the amount of waffle I have already got through it is pretty obvious that this is one of those times.   The day has been long and arduous, but of very little interest.   A lot of work has been done, but no tasks completed.   Rehearsal attended but little of note occurred, so what to blog about?

I did get a new pair of shoes via e-Bay they are very nice and quite comfy, I wore them to the rehearsal tonight and after three hours they were still fine.   To me they are obviously fem shoes but they could be seen as a little androgynous.  My intention was to polish them up and use them as dress shoes, but they are so comfortable that I suspect I will end up wearing them quite often as casual shoes as well.

They are cut just a little low, and wearing them with sheer socks meant that if anyone had looked they would have seen, but as so often happens no one looks, and people just see what they expect to see.   I fully expect that no one I have seen tonight could describe my shirt, even though it has a flamboyant flower motive, and equally I could not describe anything that most of the other members of the band were wearing.

So enough rambling, enough innuendo, I am off to bed now, and in the morning I have an early start as I have two (yes two) fences to erect.
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