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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

All Change Please

As you can see, inspired by Stanna I have had another fiddle about with the look of the blog.   The idea is to try to make it easier to read, let me know what you think does it work? is it too bland? how does it look on a mobile?

I have mentioned a few times about the Croydon IDAHO event on Saturday, not only will I be there but I will also be playing.   I had hoped to get a band from within the LGBT community, but couldn't I just don't have enough contacts yet.   Instead I have had to call in some favours from a local band, this means that we will have some music there, but since I am very much not out to these guys I shall have to do something I have up till now avoided.   As a general principle I have tried to keep Him and Paula separate, very few people who have met both, apart from some close personal friends I have known for years, I have tried to keep the two separate.   This is partly to maintain the illusion, and partly to save confusion, in some way it seems impolite to appear as one gender one day then anther on the next.

So far I have only been seen by members of LGSO, the Croydon Trans Group and my hair dresser as Paula, but on Saturday I shall be there playing as Paul.   Ho hum said Pooh.   Sometimes these things just can't be arranged how we would like.   I was tempted to use the occasion to come out to these friends, but on sober reflection my wife would be devastated, as she would be if anyone we know saw me in Croydon town centre, plying the Euphonium while wearing a dress, so maybe it is all working out for the best after all.
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