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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Not sure about this one

The other day I bought some new nail polish, nothing remarkable in this, but unusually for me it is not any sort of pink or red.   Apart from one bottle of a bronze all my nail polish is pink or red in one form or another, also like dresses I have far too many.   Anyway getting back to my new colour it is very pale, almost white, but looks great in the bottle.

I had a little time at home today between having some work done on my van and doing some gardening work.   I was ostensibly doing some admin work on the computer, so while I was at it I thought I would try out my new colour.   Thing is I can't decide whether I like it or not.

I rather like the idea of these current colours, but I am not sure that this one is quite me, maybe I will give it another try one day when my nails are longer and I am going out somewhere.

After cleaning off my nails it was back to work and being reminded of one of the reasons I love what I do

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