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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Ain't it just typical, all this horrible weather we have been having now for about six months, finally clears up and we have a couple of stunning sunny days, busy busy busy lots of work to catch up on and what happens I get a cold.   At the moment my throat is soar y nose running my eyes inflamed and I feel just ugg.

I just hope I can shake it off before the weekend, there is no way I want to be playing and trying to look pretty when I feel like this.   If I worked for someone else I would probably phone in sick and stay in bed for a couple of days, but I just can't afford the  time, so keep calm and carry on and hope the cold goes.

It struck me yesterday while  was in the Gents (in drab) the difference, ladies often complain abut the queues for the ladies facilities, while the men can just walk in.   But I was struck by how much nicer as a general principle the ladies facilities are.   Generally cleaner and better presented the ladies will normally have functioning hand dryers, adequate paper soap etc. and appear to be cared for.   The gets on the other hand are not often so accommodating, but then they don't deserve the to be, the other thing I noticed is that ladies always wash their hand, men rarely do.   Of course I accept that I am in a privileged position to be able to make the comparison but there is a definite inbalance.
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