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Paula's Place

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Still Grotty

Still feeling really grotty, I did manage to work yesterday but that was about all I did manage, after my appointment with the osteopath I came home sat down and barely moved until I went to bed at about nine O'clock.   After more or less sleeping fr around twelve hours I do feel a bit better and should be able to manage work again today, but I don't expect to be able to do much more.

To a certain extent I am working on the theory that if I work I am out in the sun and doing some exercise, both of which should be good for shaking off this horrible cold.   Nothing would be worse than going into Sunday with a snotty nose and still feeling grotty, I want to look and feel pretty, of course I also want to be able to play at my best which I simply can't do with a cold.   Still I have a few days and am sure I will recover.

My wife has prescribed me lots of "Lemsip" and my Osteopath (who is also a homeopath) Echinacea and Sarsaparilla.
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