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Paula's Place

Friday, 5 April 2013

A Rose by any name

Police in Greater Manchester are clearly taking hate crime seriously I noticed that they list "Trans" as one of the established areas for potential hate crime.   Obviously it is good that they understand this, shame that they have to.

Yesterday was a day of snow and very little in the way of productive work, I went to a nursery and got loads of plants for the two gardens I will be visiting today, neither garden has much in the way of roses so I ended up with seven, including a couple of one of my favourite varieties ~ Pink Flower Carpet.   This is a ground cover rose and very useful in garden design.   As long as the weather stays dry I shall be doing a lot of planting today.    I also did some banking, some admin and made use of my time with a visit to the green waste composting centre and have cleared a lot of space, so although not remunerative at least the day was useful.

The day finished with a lovely meal my wife cooked (Salmon Wellington) along with a bottle of wine which I followed with a couple of donuts;~ I hope I will still look OK in the LBD I have decided to wear tomorrow night.

And finally Hanna found this web site selling lingerie for men, personally I feel that sort of misses the point, but see what you think.
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