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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Whinger! Me?

There was a good piece in the Guardian yesterday prompted by the Lucy Meadows situation, it is good to see a friendly piece, but lets not forget that this is the same paper that gave space to Julie Burchill's diatribe.

I do hope for progress, but it seems that for every step forwards we take one back.

Listening to a radio programme about feminism the other day I was struck that like most people I don't really know what others mean by Feminism.   A friend defined this as wanting everyone to have equal opportunities, rights and to be treated with equal respect, regardless of gender ~ well I would certainly sign up for that, like most people I would add colour, race, age, sexual orientation, and disability, so why do we end up disagreeing with feminists so often?   I think it is because rather than seeking gender equality feminists seek to break down the differences between genders, whereas those of us who are trans tend to emphasise the differences, especially as we seek to accentuate our own femininity (or masculinity) in the face of a society that would rather we stayed the way they have already defined us.
Something to be happy about

I know it's not the time for a Weekend Wobbly, or indeed a Monday Moan, maybe it's a Wednesday Whinge, but then that's a fair reflection of how I feel at the moment. Sometimes life sucks, and for me this is one of those times. ~  Reasons, well the weather doesn't help and our family situation is still sticky, but the main reason why I am very down just now is simple. I have run out of money.

Life in the Gee household has tended to be more than a bit hand to mouth for the last couple of years, and this last year has been the worst yet. As I say the weather hasn't helped, the very cold wet weather has meant that I have had four or five poor earning months in a row, and I can't be sure that it will get any better. It has now got to the point where I now have absolutely no money left other than the few coins in my pocket. I am quite sure that the situation will improve, over the weekend I will be getting my invoices out, but just now I can't see how my situation will improve unless either an unexpected inheritance suddenly appears or my Premium Bond comes up ~ neither are a good basis for long term financial planning.

If I things don't get better very soon I may even have to get a job. I would be very sad to give up the gardening business, so maybe I should seek a Sugar Daddy, whatever I do do I know I will not seek a "payday loan" or indeed do anything else rash.   I have work in hand so I am sure I start to fee better as soon as the weather warms up a bit, I get a bit of sun, last month's work paid for and a chance to have a pint!
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