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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Nearly Over

This weekend is Easter, for many people this is a time of overeating, time off work, and apparently the busiest weekend of the year for Garden Centers.   For me it will be a busy weekend as well, but I'm not sure how much I will get done in our garden.   On Friday I will be in the band leading a local Walk of Witness, and then on Sunday I will be playing again at a Sun Rise service.   That is all after playing at our Church Passover meal on Thursday evening.

It is a time for Christians to remember the central purpose of Christ's ministry, his death and resurrection.   Good Friday is a day for quiet reflection and contemplation as well as dignified witness.   Those of us who have been practising fasting over Lent continue till Easter Sunday, many who haven't will fast on Friday, as a spiritual aid to prayer and contemplation.   It grieves me a little that for most people it is simply an excuse for some time off work, and more over indulgence.

Having said all that I am looking forward to Sunday Lunch when I will be breaking my personal fast.   With all our difficulties this year I have found it quite difficult to stick to my no alcohol during Lent rule, but when I set my sacrifice against Christ's it is nothing.    This year I am also unsure of how much it has proved to be a spiritual aid, rather than an exercise in self restraint ~ but then self control is a "Fruit of the Spirit"   My abstinence shows me that I can take control, that I am in charge of my relationship with alcohol, and that there is pleasure in social interaction without booze!   But I am looking forward to a glass of wine with my lunch on Sunday.
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