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Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Weekend Starts Here

Easter weekend is the busiest of the year for Garden Centers, it is also usually a time for traffic jams and visits to the seaside; parks and gardens, I suspect that that may well not be the case this year.   As our miserable weather looks set to continue over the whole of the weekend and into the week ahead.   While I will certainly not be working on Friday it looks as though I will be on Saturday and maybe Monday as well.   Given my current financial situation maybe that is just as well.

Tonight we will be celebrating Passover, we are not Jewish but as Christians firmly believe that our faith is rooted in Judaism, this means that we celebrate the festivals (as did Jesus), not least so we can understand more of the society Jesus operated in, and illuminate much of his teaching.   I know that we are a little early this year, but of course for us as Christians it is the tie in with Easter that is paramount, after all it was at the Passover Seder that Jesus confirmed the New Covenant, at what we now know as the "Last Supper"   Although we will end on a solemn note as we start to contemplate the events of Good Friday, this traditional celebration is meant to be fun.   We will be playing a few traditional Messianic Jewish songs and there will be some "Davidic" dancing, and of course everyone else will be having their four cups of wine, I will be on grape juice as I don't want to break my fast until Sunday lunch.

The other night I watched a fascinating programme on BBC with Giles Coren hosting a Passover Seder, I learnt a lot (as did he), if you can make the time I strongly recommend watching.

"It'll be alright on the night"
Tomorrow will be quite different, as I will be playing with the Brass Band for a walk of witness, on Saturday I will be working and then on Sunday morning I will be at a sunrise service (why did I agree to that?) These are good opportunities to share my faith and celebrate with others, it also serves to remind me that I am a chosen, adopted son of God, rescued by his only begotten son.  

If he's done that for me, he's not about to let me go under, I am reassured that all will be well.   There's a scene in the movie Shakespeare in Love when the theatre manager, beset by financial woes, unreliable writers and the Master of the Revels threatening to shut him down, simply shrugs his shoulders and says, "It'll all work out alright in the end. I don't know how, but it always does.   I feel a little like that, I know it will all be alright", but at the moment I'm not at all sure how.
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