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Paula's Place

Saturday, 23 March 2013

What am I trying to say?

Sometimes I wonder about my clothing choices, I know to many they are gender inappropriate, but I have recently found that I am no longer quite so age inappropriate as I once was.   I still enjoy the feminine, the flouncy and frilly but I do accept that I am not a teenager and so should not wear my skirts too short, or my heels too high.   That is not to say that there is an age limit on fashion, more an understanding that I now carry a bit too much fat in some areas, and that there are some veins beginning to show on my legs.........

A while back during one of our counselling sessions I was asked what sort of woman's clothes I like to wear, before I could answer my wife said "Pretty trashy, by what I've seen hidden in the wardrobe" now that doesn't fit with my idea of how I dress at all so I was dumbfounded for a bit, until I realised that what she had seen were the rejections.   But it did make me think about what it is I am saying about myself when I choose what to wear.   After all whatever we wear it says something about us to the world.

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