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Friday, 22 March 2013

Simple Pleasures

Well it's Friday night, and with a busy weekend to look forward to, it's not a bad time to look back over the week.   I think we are all feeling a bit more settled than we were at the beginning of the week, and personally I have rediscovered two simple pleasures, cutting grass, and using first gear.

I had a problem with the gear selection on my van so that every time I tried to engage first gear there would be a horrible mechanical graunch, after much time and effort we found the cause and fixed it, now I can reliably pull away in first rather than having to use second a slip the clutch, ~ it's so much better that I am once again beginning to appreciate the other qualities of the van rather than just feeling despondently about the whole thing.

I have also started cutting grass, for me this is the start of the year, the time when I know that Spring is here and that I will now have enough work for the next seven or eight months.   It has now turned very cold again so I have had to stop, but I hope next week that I will again be able to do some proper gardening.   Today we had a full day working in just one garden (I'll normally cover two or three in a day) we moved a coupe of hebes that had got too big for the position, repaired a step and did a lot of tidying up, mind there is still a lot there to keep me busy through to next winter.   It was very satisfying to look back at the work we had done and see how much better the garden looked than when we had arrived, to know that we had done a good job and that the customer was satisfied.
So on reflection not such a bad week really, I am still very behind with my landscaping job (thanks to the weather) and with much of my office work (thanks to a lack of enthusiasm) for some reason I was feeling very down last night and this morning, but getting out in the fresh air, doing some creative, physical work and having a positive effect on a garden has made me feel much more positive; right! I'm ready for the weekend now.
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